The ocean; the great mass of water which surrounds the land.
In marine insurance "sea" includes not only the high seas but the bays, inlets, and rivers as high up as the tide ebbs and flows.
The "navigable sea" is divided into three zones:
(1) nearest to the nation's shores are its internal or "inland waters";
(2) beyond the inland waters, and measured from their seaward edge, is a belt known as the marginal or "territorial sea"; and
(3) outside the territorial sea are the "high seas". U. S. v. State of La., 89 S.Ct. 773, 781.
See also seaworthy
@ high seas
The ocean; public waters. According to the English doctrine, the high sea begins at the distance of three miles from the coast of any country; according to the American view, at low-water mark, except in the case of small harbors and roadsteads inclosed within the fauces terras. U. S. v. Rodgers, 150 U.S. 249, 14 S.Ct. 109, 37 L.Ed. 1071.
The open ocean outside of the fauces terrae, as distinguished from arms of the sea; the waters of the ocean without the boundary of any country. Any waters on the sea-coast which are without the boundaries of low-water mark. Waters outside of territorial jurisdiction of nation.
+ high seas
That portion of ocean which is beyond the territorial jurisdiction of any country. The "high seas" lie seaward of a nation's territorial sea, which is the bank of water that extends up to three miles out from the coast. U.S. v. Romero-Galue, C.A.Fla., 757 F.2d 1147, 1149.
See 18 U.S.C.A. No. 3241 for jurisdiction of federal courts over crimes committed on high seas.
See also sea
@ main sea
The open, uninclosed ocean; or that portion of the sea which is without the fauces terras on the sea-coast, in contradistinction to that which is surrounded or inclosed between narrow headlands or promontories. U. S. v. Rodgers, 150 U.S. 249, 14 S.Ct. 109, 37 L.Ed. 1071
@ sea bed
All that portion of land under the sea that lies beyond the sea-shore
@ sea-brief
See sea letter
@ sea laws
Laws relating to the sea, as the laws of Oleron, etc
@ sea letter
A species of manifest, containing a description of the ship's cargo, with the port from which it comes and the port of destination. This is one of the documents necessary to be carried by all neutral vessels, in the merchant service, in time of war, as an evidence of their nationality. The last sea letter was issued at the Port of New York in 1806, and the use of sea letters was discontinued by proclamation of President Madison in 1815.
@ sea-reeve
An officer in maritime towns and places who took care of the maritime rights of the lord of the manor, and watched the shore, and collected wrecks for the lord
@ sea-rovers
Pirates and robbers at sea
@ sea-shore
@ sea shore
@ seashore
The margin of the sea in its usual and ordinary state. When the tide is out, low-water mark is the margin of the sea; and, when the sea is full, the margin is high-water mark. The sea-shore is therefore all the ground between the ordinary high-water mark and low-water mark. It cannot be considered as including any ground always covered by the sea, for then it would have no definite limit on the sea-board. Neither can it include any part of the upland, for the same reason. Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. State of New York, 271 U.S. 65, 46 S.Ct. 357, 362, 70 L.Ed. 838.
That space of land over which the waters of the sea are spread in the highest water during the winter season
+ seashore
That portion of land adjacent to the sea which is alternately covered and left dry by the ordinary flux and reflux of the tides
@ marginal sea
@ territorial sea
See sea

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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